The Real Arcade Experience with Our Arcade Machines and Retro Video Games

If you are an avid arcade gamer, then you know very well they are way more fun than anything the current next generation gaming devices can offer. You’ll easily find hundreds of games that will take you back in time and give you a trip down arcade memory lane with a gaming experience you just can’t beat.

These arcade machines will offer you access to thousands of classic arcade games. When it comes to the ultimate arcade gaming experience, our latest 2021 arcade console is the greatest & most powerful one in the market!
Arcade games - The lost jewel!

Almost all arcade game parlours in Australia are either closed or are on the verge of closing. Sadly, the most entertaining games of the digital world are lost.

The arcade machines that you grew up with are no more.

But, you have found the Oasis in the desert! At Games Arcadia, we are trying our best to keep the tradition of arcade gaming alive. The past 30 years has brought us some of the most iconic games of the century. We don’t want them to be left in the past and forgotten but rather continued to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

We are also making the arcade gaming experience affordable & entertaining with our custom-build arcade machines & Pandora box arcade consoles.
Enter the king, the ultimate Arcade Gaming console of 2021!

All hail the king!

If you are looking for something amazing and a satisfying gaming experience, we are here with the solution.

Our King of Arcades console is wifi-enabled and comes with a speedy processor, incredible LED lighting on the deck and push buttons giving you that immersive gaming experience. On top of all of this is 8,000 games in a single console!

What’s so special about it?

Everything, literally!

Arcade Gaming is all about quality joysticks and a processor that can handle the classic arcade games. And we bring all of this in a single unit!

  • Quad-Core A-7 chipset:

This reliable processor is built for Arcade gaming. It offers a glitch-free and entertaining arcade gaming experience with optimal power to run it all smoothily.
No other Arcade Gaming console comes with such a powerful processor at such an affordable price.

  • More than 8,000 arcade games

Our gaming console comes with more than 8,000 arcade games from the past. So you won’t have to go looking for your favourite games. We have all of the most popular arcade games ready for you to plug and play!

  • Easy Connection

You can easily connect your TV, Desktop PC or Projector with our console for a seamless gaming experience. So whether you are alone or with family & friends, our gaming console is perfect for a fun weekend!

  • Original & Custom-build

Every Arcade Console at Games Arcadia is original & custom-built at the highest quality. Getting you close to that true and original arcade gaming experience. Everything you get from us is authentic and we offer superior service to go along with it.

  • HD-resolution

The 1280x720p high-definition resolution gives you an amazing display for the ultimate gaming experience.

  • Unlimited Games

You can add more than 10,000 of your favourite arcade games by using your wifi to connect to the gamers market. Once accessed you can download games of your choosing.

Final thoughts

We know you love Arcade Games. And we get it as this isn’t just a business for our team, but we draw inspiration from our younger years of playing arcade machines. Even today, these games bring us back to our childhood memories and that feeling of nostalgia.

We also believe everyone deserves to enjoy this ultimate experience, without paying a fortune for it. So we try to offer our products at the best possible price.
Moreover, every product you get from us is original & comes with personalised service to ensure our customers are happy.

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