RETROCADE CX Arcade Games Console - 2,800 in 1
RETROCADE CX Arcade Games Console - 2,800 in 1
arcade video games console joystick pandora box
Pandora Box console box arcade
RETROCADE Arcade Games Console - 2,500 in 1 - Games Arcadia
RETROCADE CX Arcade Games Console - 2,800 in 1

RETROCADE CX Arcade Games Console - 2,800 in 1

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Latest 2022 Family edition, original and genuine arcade video games console joystick with 2,800 pre-built popular arcade games. Re-live your childhood with your favourite arcade games…in the comfort of your home. Great for parties, entertaining, a night in playing retro video games or as a gift.

Brand New in Pandora arcade Box with Quality Assurance being a genuine product that comes with an Instruction Manual. Easily connects to your TV, Desktop Computer or Projector and comes with all the required cables so you just plug in and play! VGA, USB, HDMI & AUX.

Supports Multiplayer with up to 4 players. Two on the Arcade Controller and 2 USB controllers plugged in (not included and available on some games)

Choose from 2 available designs in stock OR your choice of customised sticker decals on the Controller from your favourite games.

Powerful Quad Core A7 CPU Superior Motherboard, hardware and components that will outlast similar units 2,800 games pre-installed with an easy to use and access menu screen (refer to games list page)

Built-in Speaker as well as the unit allowing for a 5.1 surround sound.

3 high definition resolutions to choose from 1280x720,1024x768, 640x480

Customisable joystick settings means you can play the classic games with your button configuration of your choosing.

Installed with the latest software and more games than ever.


- Many more for all ages and different genres – Fighting, RPG, Strategy, Shooter, Tower Defense, Sports.


Length - 70cm

Width - 22cm

Height - 5cm

Includes a genuine and tested AU Power plug

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