32inch Coffee Table Custom Built Retro Gaming Arcade Machine Arcade Cabinet and Pinball Machine - Games Arcadia
32inch Coffee Table Custom Built Retro Gaming Arcade Machine Arcade Cabinet and Pinball Machine
32inch Coffee Table Custom Built Retro Gaming Arcade Machine Arcade Cabinet and Pinball Machine

Commercial Business - 32" Coffee Table Retro Gaming Arcade Machine

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  • A custom built coffee table arcade machine that will make a great addition to promoting your business and in attracting customers.
  • Great for Cafes, Bars, Pubs, Retail Stores, Shopping Centres, Offices, Employee Lunchroom, Reception Areas, Airport Lounges, Waiting rooms, 
  • Get a sticker design of your brand logo or products on the side of the arcade for potential customers to keep your brand top of mind.
  • Can be set-up as "Freeplay" or with a coin mechanism for "Pay-to-Play" so you can get a return on your investment.
  • Handmade and fully custom built right here in Australia!
  • We have been in the industry for years and our team prides itself in offering that real deal arcade experience like you remember it, value for money and great customer service.
  • 2,500 classic arcade and console games ready to play. From your arcade favourites to the most popular consoles you remember from you’re childhood. 
  • Fully customizable size, colour and artwork sticker designs, choose from our own original selection or send us a design you are after and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • Allow 4 weeks build time due to the popularity and high demand for our machines.  Delivery can take up to 5 days based on the shipping address and location.
  • ** For a shipping quote please reach us through the Message Us button on the right hand corner of this website or email on games-arcadia@outlook.com.au


  • Reinforced and fortified for commercial use
  • HD LED Monitor in 32 inch
  • All 2,500 games
  • 2 Player Console
  • 6 x buttons per player, 2 x start buttons and 3 x additional for Select, Credit and Escape)
  • Joysticks and pushbuttons
  • New Arcade Trackball
  • Sound system and headphone jack and external volume pod
  • Can add sticker designs of your brand or logo on the Sides, Header marquee (sticker artwork not included)
  • Custom edge T-Moulding to match chosen colour of the cabinet or artwork
  • Lockable cabinet door
  • 4 heavy duty wheels
  • All of the above specs can be fully customised and upgraded, just get in touch via email and we can help > games-arcadia@outlook.com


  • 4 player console upgrade                                                $220
  • LED buttons for a 2 player                                              $100
  • LED buttons for 4 player console                                   $190
  • Coin Mechanism                                                                $80
  • Light up header                                                                $100
  • Side art including header                                                                       (Artwork supplied by customer                                     $280
  • Full side and front art including Header                                                  (Artwork supplied by customer)                                     $390
  • Pause feature (pause your games at any time)              $60
  • Change cabinet base color                                              $120
  • Louder sound System                                                        $90
  • Drink holder (each)                                                          $40
  • Sanwa or Happ Brand Joystick and Buttons upgrade   $140
  • Arcade Bar Stool 55cm with Swivel (each)                     $169